guitar straps

Get’m Get’m was started in 1996 by Virginia Castro in Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by watching VH1 and realizing all the straps were black and looked the same, she decided to make something different, to offer style that would show off the personality of the musician and their amazing guitars. Starting out in her garage, she slowly built her brand to be recognized and loved by musicians around the world. Get’m Get’m, Inc. offers quality and style you can trust. Every product Virginia makes is hand made in the USA, and she has worked with the same material suppliers for years. Supporting American manufacturing companies has always been part of her core values. As an animal lover, Virginia also has ensured a portion of every sale goes to supporting animal rescues and charities.​ Grateful for all the artists, famous and just starting, who support the company and the products we offer. I wouldn’t be here without you! guitar straps

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